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ECIS Global Insights was launched in November 2015. This periodical promotes research, trends, and the latest thinking on issues facing owners, boards, directors, and senior leadership teams in international and internationally-minded schools across the world. 

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ECIS Global Insights | November 2015

ECIS Global Insights | April 2016

If you are interested in submitting an article for consideration, please read our Guidelines for Authors.

ECIS Global Insights replaces the International Schools Journal as the publication for ECIS members. The ISJ is now published independently by John Catt, with ECIS remaining supportive of the publication. Interested parties may view archived copies of the ISJ by visiting their website.

InFocus Occasional White Papers

Our occasional white papers present in-depth thinking and research in the form of essays, articles, or reports that contribute to debate on specific issues of import to international and internationally-minded schools, organisations, and systems. Our authors range from ECIS special interest group members to professors to accomplished consultants to education practitioners who have undertaken research as part of a professional development experience.

This series approach allows us to put succinct research and thinking into your hands quickly. In the dynamic world that is international education, we wish to help you cut through the noise and attend to those signals with distinct strength, giving them your full consideration as a professional. We believe that research plays a vital role in the lives of our members, no matter your school size or location.

Given our wide-reaching network of institutions and individuals, we are uniquely positioned to undertake research that goes beyond – whether that means going beyond the confines of specific curricula, beyond the mental and/or physical borders of nations, or even beyond what we term “international” schools.

Papers of special significance will be translated into one or more of the following languages, so as to increase their reach and to allow for greater impact: Arabic, French, Mandarin, and Spanish. It is, in effect, another way that we intend to go beyond in our approach to sharing thinking and research across the world.

Effective International Schools

The Effective International Schools book series addresses significant current and future educational and global issues in a format that is easy to access, easy to read, and immediately impactful in schools. The series upholds our core values of collaboration, professional growth, innovation, and excellence.

ECIS has a wonderfully varied and diverse membership of schools that face common challenges and share similar values. As such, we see our role as aggregating and synthesising the ideas, experiences, and wisdom of member schools, so that all may benefit.

The Effective International Schools series, therefore, exhibits the following elements:

  • A common set of beliefs and values about student learning from an international perspective
  • A structure that illustrates a progression from principles to policies to practice
  • Evidence of successful experience in international schools, applicable to a variety of contexts


Governance in International Schools, 2nd Edition (2015)   

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