ECIS Outreach Grants

Outreach Grant Application Guidelines

Purpose of Outreach Grant

These outreach grants are for ECIS premium schools who want to work to promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding, tolerance, and to create social impact through international education. Ideally, the project should be orientated toward long term sustainability.

Strong applications will also be intentional about demonstrating their sustainable impact. As a minimum, children from your school must be able to participate in the activities outlined but a strong social impact will be demonstrated by how they too have learned from other communities and have in-turn impacted those communities.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Your school has an active ECIS Premium membership and will continue to be a member for the duration of the project.
  • Schools can only receive one grant per year but are welcome to submit proposals for ongoing & previously funded projects in future membership years.
  • Your project must involve and engage students from your school as participants and collaborators in meeting the objectives outlined your application.
  • The member school ensures that all adults from the member school that will come in contact with children (under the age of 18) during the course of the project have had safeguarding training within the past 2 years.
  • By accepting the grant, the project lead at the member school confirms that due diligence has been undertaken in ensuring safeguarding practices are observed at the project location for the duration of the project.

Grant categories

We will fund a wide range of projects. Strong applications will be aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and will demonstrate how they meet these goals. A summary of what these goals are can be found here.

Please note, ECIS outreach grants are not given for:

  • Projects that cannot demonstrate social impact
  • Ongoing running costs
  • Animal appeals
  • Repayment of loans
  • Research
  • Sponsorship of events where there is no direct community impact
  • Overseas travel

If your project does not meet these criteria, kindly look at our other grant categories to assess eligibility.

What are my chances of success?

The committee evaluates grants on a quarterly basis. Your success rate is directly correlated with how many applications there are, and that may vary greatly according to quarter.

If you have received an ECIS grant before, you may be asked to provide evidence of sustainability from that project.

We encourage member schools to focus on areas where the grant will have the most immediate and sustainable impact.

How to apply

Simply complete this application. ONLY information you have completed in this application will be considered, though the committee reserves the right to ask you for supporting documents.

Value of each grant

Up to £3000

Schedule for Grants Cycles

Grants are given on a quarterly basis at the following intervals

Grant Applications are now CLOSED until November 2017. 

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